**We Worry Like Tomorrow Is Promised**

Monday Feb 01st, 2021


We worry like tomorrow is promised!

The past 6 years for me has been pivotal in transforming my life for the better. It has been a beautiful struggle of darkness and light…black clouds and silver linings. We have to look deep inside of ourselves (one of the most feared journeys of all) to really start transforming and coming into our truth. It’s not easy, definitely not all rainbows and butterflies, some of it is downright scary, filled with doubt, demons and fear, but we have the power to shine our light bright enough to overcome and rise above, all it takes is some retraining of our crazy minds!!

  The one main thing that really hits home with me is how we worry like tomorrow is promised. I’ve learned over the past couple decades and more so in the last few years through a lot of loss of loved ones, not being present in the moment, leaked energy on so many fronts. Through all this loss came a lot of guilt and yearning to be able to turn back the hands of time to say words left unspoken, give another hug, take the time and with all this can come a lot of poisoning of the mind and spirit. It’s only recently I realized I am worrying like I can control or make past or future situations any different, all I am doing is taking away today’s peace, taking away that presence with my children my loved ones, my career, and most importantly myself (and that’s okay. You know why, because we are number 1, if we aren’t healthy and strong how can we radiate genuine strength and love onto those we love).

 We can worry about the bills, the mortgage, money, relationships, status, body image, cleaning the house, the list is endless but hey as long as we are putting in our best effort and being positive **that is enough**. It has truly been one of the hardest things to try and tame….the unforgiving depths of the mind running wild with doubts , what if’s, should have’s, could have’s, the why’s, we can drive ourselves absolutely insane with all these energy sucking thoughts. It is so damaging to our hearts our spirit our overall wellbeing and it negatively effects those we love.

  The road to being present has first been doing a daily check of everything I am grateful & thankful for (which I have found out is a ton, I am a very rich womanJ) from the smallest things we take for granted daily like waking up!! Our breath! Our ability to love, food, sunshine, a smile, a conversation, a smell, a memory. Catch those feelings as they come, the ones that light you up. Sometimes we are so focused on the negative, all the amazing things go completely undetected… SO START DETECTING THEM & WRITING THEM DOWN :) this is a profound way of retraining you mind and re aligning your thought process.

  It’s human nature to worry and these thoughts will always pop into our heads, BUT, what you do with them after that is how you take your power back! Stop giving these worries and fears prime real estate in your mind. I would say about 90-95% of what we stress about never manifest or actually takes place and even worse, is looking in the rear view mirror with regret and things that will never ever change, that’s their imprint on the past and it probably ended that way for a reason..one you may never know and that’s OKAY!!

 It’s okay to break these thoughts down and categorize them and decipher which thoughts we have any control over, if there is something that can rectify part of this worry or stress, then make steps to rectify it. This is also a very healthy way to gain strength over your mind. If you have NO control over the outcome or how events will unfold..send the thought away and consciously make the decision to not give it the energy it needs to fester in your mind!

  As you practice more, the things you have to be grateful for and all of the good, magically, a lot of worry goes away on its own which is so amazing! The retraining of your mind and energy will come from being present in the moment, take the time to take in your surroundings, nature, people, all the good, and be mindful of your breath, feel it move through you .. Let it calm your mind. It’s like a natural valium so **USE IT & EMBRACE IT**.

  In closing we can try and turn back the hands of time and we don’t know what’s around the corner and that’s okay!! The one thing I do know, is we aren’t promised tomorrow, the only thing we truly own is the present moment and what a gift that is!! So look around, beauty and wonder surround us everywhere, in everything. Take chances, be fearless, love deeply, forgive, and love yourself, flaws and all. As that is what makes us the beautiful, magnificent humans we are.

Be grateful for the small things because they add up to the biggest things, have a mind of composure, strength, and a heart and spirit filled with love, light and peace. Inhale the good and exhale the bad and remember **RULE YOUR MIND OR IT WILL RULE YOU**.


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