Spring Market Refresher

Monday Feb 01st, 2021


Spring Market Refresher

Spring is finally upon us, how wonderful it is!! The promise of longer warmer days, a time of change and new beginnings. Whether you have been contemplating listing your home or just want to revitalize your space to fall in love with it again. Here are a few ideas to maximize the charisma of your space.

Let’s take it outdoors!! Such a fantastic feeling to finally get outside without freezing or feeling like the Michelin man all bundled up. If your front yard and driveway is anything like mine, especially after this winter, it’s covered in salt & sand *and no not the beachy ocean fantastic kind* the kind that weighs down your grass and makes your whole yard look very unappealing. Not to mention the “YUK” that gets tracked through the house you are probably endlessly trying to keep clean. Well there is light at the end of the driveway!!

Curb appeal is *HUGE * when listing your home, and just as important if you are planning on staying put.

First off a shop broom works wonders for getting the big debris off your driveway, followed by a good pressure wash. If you get it done early enough the street sweepers can help with some of the end removal and disposal for you.

For the grass a strong powered leaf blower and rake can fluff that tired grass right back up and show you the promise of greener and sunnier days ahead!

Gardens, this is very important and having early blooming perennials is always a nice touch to have. If you didn’t get around to cleaning out the gardens in the fall, now is the time!! Clean out dead foliage, trim back shrubs and plants and wait for new life to emerge. So exiting!

Don’t forget the windows, I know this is a tedious job but the results are tremendous and very worthwhile.

Moving into the house, don’t worry we won’t spend too long, we have been trapped in there for most of this long cold winter. There is nothing more revitalizing and refreshing then purging that junk in your house/garage. It’s hiding in every crevasse and cupboard, just screaming for a new home or to be retired completely! If you haven’t worn, used, looked at or thought of for more than a year, question if you really need it in your life. Declutter and reclaim your space and peace of mind, this will make you feel like a million bucks, unless of course you’re a pack rat than in that case the very thought of this topic is probably giving you multiple panic attacks.

*Declutter your space- declutter you mind- let go of the attachment*

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of this new & wonderful season. I am optimistic that we will feel the heat shortly!! I am sure you are all well aware of the shortage of listings on the market, it is definitely a sellers’ market!! So if you or anyone you know is thinking of selling their home please send them my way, You will be happy you did.

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