Spring emergence and the seeds we sow.

Monday Feb 01st, 2021


There is something so magnificent and profound about the changing of the seasons. The shifts that happen in us,  in our cells moving into our homes and our outdoor spaces. There is no denying the clear and definitive shifts that happen in all things through the seasons, nature leads the way for how our bodies need to synchronize with her vibration.. For me spring is a time of emergence, a beautiful mix of the reminisce of old but infused with intentions and seeds that we have been planting as we turned inward and into reflection through the winter months. It's this exciting time right before things start to blossom, bloom, come into the light and show their beautiful colors, it's a breath of fresh air, a sigh of relief that we have weathered the storm and made it through the darkness.

    I can't wait to get back into my gardens create a more peaceful, serene outdoor space for my family  and I. To be able to pass down and reiterate to my children the beauty in creating and working with mother nature, opening up to the gifts she has to bestow upon them, to me this is one of the most healing and grandest gifts of all.  The importance of nurturing and truly loving the spaces we live in both inside and out, whether it be our homes or ourselves. Creating and planting seeds in a literal as much as a metaphorical sense, opening up to new possibilities and ways of being and receiving. The power of our thoughts are so far reaching and full of magic.

This time of year the feeling of needing to let go and shed what no longer serves you grows ever stronger. Clearing our homes of what is no longer needed is a great way to make room for new ideas and just feeling lighter overall. It's quite profound the emotional, mental and sometimes even physical  release that letting go of the things that weigh us down both in our internal and external landscapes can welcome into our lives. There is a pre conceived notion that letting go  of psychical objects, old ways of thinking , beliefs especially if passed down from a loved one is automatically lined with a sense forgetting , not honoring or loving them less...leaving us with a sense of guilt when in fact it should be the opposite. to fully let go is to trust in yourself , it's the  simple knowing that the objects we cling to actually control us, creating a false sense of what actually is. When we start to step away, being vigilant of what lights us up VS what weighs us down it becomes very apparent that freeing up space and letting go is the only sure way of stepping forward being more expansive and getting closer to what and who you actually love, most importantly, yourself. Its then and only then the true emergence of the seeds we have planted can come to fruition, no longer shadowed by the unnecessary clinging & holding on to what is to be no more.

What beautiful seeds have you been planting through the winter months ? are you ready for them to radiate into the world?

What can you clear out so that your home, heart & spirit can expand fully and creatively?



Natasha Serbinek *soulful home*

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