Natures Healing

Monday Feb 01st, 2021


Natures Healing

The sun is shining and the birds are singing. The beautiful smells of spring and earth are in the air, so invigorating and refreshing. There is something so very healing about spring, re-inventing, re-birthing and new beginnings. I know for myself one of the most healing, soothing things for me to do is get my hands dirty in the garden and get my outdoor space warm, inviting and full of life.

Of course everyone has different tastes in outdoor spaces, some have limited space in their yard, and maybe you don’t have a yard at all, only a balcony. With a little imagination and creativity you can conjure up an inviting, calming space.

As far as my outdoor space I like a mix of hardscape and softscape with a mix of natural stone, shrubs, plants and flowers. I have some perennials that come up every spring (hostas, lilies etc) and then I usually add in whatever looks appealing to me for an added pop of color around the end of May or early June. To me gardening and earthing are some of the best natural therapies around. There is something so grounding and magnificent about feeling that cool earth in your hands, cultivating an oasis of living eye catching beauty. Whether you are starting from a blank canvas or adding to a work in progress, you can get a sense of instant gratification adding to your outdoor living space. One day I hope to have my dream garden, with exotic shrubs and trees, waterfalls, ponds filled with fish, bridges and fire pit. All things that will add to a sense of calm, relaxation and wellbeing.

Now if we are working with a smaller space, say in the city where a lot of homes have more hardscape than anything, fence gardens are an amazing idea! For this you can use old skids or build boxes to suit your needs. Building your own terrarium or mini garden in an earthy, natural or funky looking containers are fantastic for adding some fun & zing or calm to your outdoor space. They also have some amazing outdoor fire tables to add to the ambiance, ranging from wood to propane, table top size to a full outdoor fireplace depending on your needs. The possibilities are endless for making your outdoor space one that will be a retreat for everyone who visits (or maybe just yourself lol).

Spring and summer here in Canada is a fleeting love affair, we can make it that much sweeter knowing that the seeds and fruits of our labour and intentions will come to visit year after year. Hope you are having an amazing spring so far and that your summer is filled with love, laughter and memories that last a lifetime.


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