Its a relationship, not just a transaction!!

Monday Feb 01st, 2021


 I can’t express enough the feeling of being entrusted with one of the most important and profound decisions in someone’s life. The “real estate transaction” carries so many facets of emotion, feeling that emotion to me is a huge part of my business, taking care of that emotion is just as important, if not more important than writing up the paperwork, explaining the fine print and legalities, walking them through the process. The logistics of a real estate transaction and * knowing* your stuff is huge as an agent and every situation can offer new insight and room for growth and is very important but its only part, the real soulful good stuff comes from genuine care and concern for my clients, you urgency is my urgency, your needs and concerns are of upmost importance to me.

 I have to admit that I am quite a private person, when I started blogging publicly a while back it took a lot for me to open up on a public level and share my views, my family life, my opinions for everyone to see and dissect. I realized the importance of this openness and I think a lot of people are craving a more transparent open connection and especially when they in turn are completely opening up to me, seems fair right!? I also realize that there needs to be something that sets me apart from the rest and in that realizing that not everyone is going to care or love what I have to say, that’s where the thick skin needs to come in lol but at the same time my words, my views and the way I genuinely care will resonate with some and a connection will be made. There is so much competition out there and so many agents to pick from and to be totally honest I am not a hard sell competitive person. I do however have the skill set and knowledge to optimally get a transaction done but with care and genuine concern for how you my client is feeling, every step of the way.

 In this market it can be quite an emotional roller coaster. Sellers can be on top of the world because they got over asking on their home and it sold in 3 days but then on the other hand they are stressed the hell out because they have put offers in on 3 houses and it hasn’t worked out or nothing is coming on the market that matches their wants and needs. It’s fast paced and decisions usually need to be made with the snap of a finger. Packing on all of lives other stresses this can be very hard for people to work through and deal with, to me this is where my best self comes in. My availability emotionally, professionally and personally is paramount, my understanding and guidance is brought forward. To me it’s about going back to my first house purchases before I was an agent, how did that feel? Situations I have come across in the 9 years of being an agent, remembering how all of it feels, all of the emotion, the fears, the joy all of the ups and downs.  I want my clients to feel fully comfortable with me on every level (a true relationship not just a transaction). I’d be lying if I said that being an agent isn’t a stressful job at times, sometimes having faith and instilling that faith and calm into my clients is one of my greatest gifts. This means a lot of patience, which I think all of my clients, family and friends can vouch that I do have a vast amount, I understand the process. I am fiercely loyal and wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t give my all to my clients. Your urgency is my urgency.

 I will never pretend to have all of the answers and if I am unsure I will find the answers you need, I have an amazing network of professionals that I work with to make every transaction go as smooth as possible and make you my client feel knowledgeable and secure in every decision you make. It’s important to be upfront and sometimes brutally honest, I prefer that any day over telling someone what they want to here to get the listing or a deal, and I of course expect the same from my clients…you have something you need to say to me, I am ready for it! I strive to build relationships that if we happened not to talk for 5 years and we ran into each other I wouldn’t have to question where I stood with you and we could start again right where we left off, my dedication and integrity would never be a question.

  I have met so many people being in this business and have forged lifelong friendships, there is no better feeling for me than having a happy satisfied client that feels comfortable enough to give me a huge hug and cry tears of joy because they got the house of their dreams or because my negotiation and conduct left them feeling at ease and stress free, how amazing is that!!! There is something so profound about being at one with people on such a huge level and realizing how with genuine support and guidance amazing bonds and happy clients are ongoing long after the “transaction” is complete.






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