Hi, thanks for your consideration. My name is Natasha Serbinek,  I have been here 16 years as a specialist  in the Calgary/Toronto residential real estate market. Truth be told, I’ve been around the business of real estate most of my life. My passion for it courses through my veins.

My grandmother was a successful real estate agent for years and I have very fond memories of her taking me to the office, on showings and to meetings with her clients. Those experiences resonate very deeply within me. Her dedication to and love for this business has given me a solid foundation to build upon. I possess a ton of  knowledge regarding the local area and I have a great working relationship with fellow realtors.

I pride myself with a" DEDICATION TO YOU IS KEY" way of thinking! Dedication to me means so many things, reliability, trustworthiness and taking the time to find out what you really want and need-actually listening! Let's face it. This is one of the scariest, exciting and monumental moments of your life! Buying and selling a home is an  emotionally charged process and I am devoted to ensuring your emotions are as positive as possible.

The sense of urgency you feel, be it your first or tenth home purchase, is tangible and can be quite intense at times. Remember, I feel it too and I will always vie on your behalf. This is my vow to you! I understand this is an amazing time in your life, and to be entrusted with one of the biggest investments you may ever make, is a true honour, one which I do not take lightly. I embrace an old style business sense, learned from my Grandmother, of presence and loyalty mixed in with the modern-day tools that technology provides. I promise to give your home optimal marketing and the proper exposure. I like to put your mind at ease, so I am reachable by telephone, via your keyboard and most importantly, in person.  Looking someone in the eye to conduct business seems to be a dying commodity these days. Not with me!

 My business is built on my name. I work hard and my word is my bond!  The service I have provided my clients with in the past is the same I pledge to you today. I am proud of the repeat and referral business I garner regularly.
I take pleasure forging and maintaining new relationships with people, with You. When you take a leap of faith to connect with me on such a deep and trusted level, you’ll continue to benefit long after the transaction closes.

I am fortunate to have a beautiful family of my own with three children, ranging in age from 10 to 22, so I am fully aware how hectic life can get. The importance of making the most out of all the moments, big or small, is essential for harmony with Family.

Thank you again for taking the time to give me a look. I appreciate that I may well play a role in one of your most important moments. Good luck with your decision!